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Monday, January 16, 2006

Arrived in Thailand!

Here are some (slightly edited) excerpts from Tammy's first email after arriving in Thailand....

Saturday January 14, 2006

Well I will be honest... I have been sitting in Bangkok airport at the pub with some interesting people having a few beer... I have another few hours to put in here before my flight to Phuket takes off.

(The flight from) Toronto to Washington was short and sweet.

I was on my flight from Washington to Tokyo and this woman came over the loud speaker: "ATTENTION... THERE HAS BEEN SMOKE DETECTED IN THE REAR OF THE PLANE".

She then repeats the same in Thai, Japanese, some other language and then came back in English to explain.... Someone had been smoking in the bathroom... well too late I had already *&$!!* my pants (kidding ;).

Sweet Jesus that is no reason to make everyone panic. We were 35000 ft. in the sky!

p.s. ...i have the shortest memory out there, but I recognise the airport workers in Washington and the flight attendants from Tokyo!

I sat with this greek god on the leg from Bangkok to Phuket .. I hadn't met him before and will probably never see again.. but hey someone must be looking out for me and trying to make my day.. lol


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