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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Families Begin to Return...

February 2, 2006

Doing electrical work in tsunami area Things are progressing very well on the island and I am happy to report that it will be completed by the beginning of March. That will allow 40 families to return to proper living conditions again. I have been doing electrical work/septic work/drop ceilings/installing windows and painting.

It's so much fun getting to learn the Thai construction .... other than just the digging and concrete work. The houses are looking beautiful and the families have started coming around more now. They are so excited and so happy with our work that they show up with desserts and fruit for the group to share on the ferry ride at the end of the day.

I have been hanging out a lot with my Thai friends here and I have really felt like they have accepted me as family. Every night they have asked me to join them for dinner and to spend the evening with them. I think because of this my Thai has gotten a lot better and our broken english conversations have now become broken English/Thai conversations. It will be a hard day when I leave here again.... but I know I will return at some point.

I will be staying on the island starting tomorrow. This will allow me to work at least 3 more hours a day on the houses and make a lot more progress. I will be staying in a house I helped build and with the family of Thai's that I work with (Chang Yut, Gope, Ken, Noi, Wuiyet, Moi, and (Mark one of the older volunteers )

I am totally looking forward to waking up with the people of the island and having to share this house with 7 of my favorite people here.

I have spent the last week hitching to work just for fun (but it has allowed me to work an hour longer each day). Mark and I have raced eachother hitching to work and I have won every time to my surprise. I swear I can walk faster than some of these scooters. I guess this is what got me thinking about staying on the island. I think it just makes more sense. Now that the houses are set for plumbing, it wouldn't be like camping anymore and it's nice to look forward to a new experience.

I managed to make it to church one sunday morning a couple weeks ago. It was pretty interesting with it being half english and half Thai... they introduced me by calling out my name in the mic... that was embarassing! I felt very welcome though and we all enjoyed a great meal after the service. I'm really happy I went.

Today is my last day off before coming home so i think i will be spending it at the top of the hill by the pool and then packing for the island next week.


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