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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm Baaaaaaaaack (in Canada) !

March 1, 2006

If you're cold right now, imagine how I must feel...!

This is Oui :) she is adorable!I arrived back in Canada about a week ago now and have been fighting off a pretty good cold. I am back to work and just recently started sounding like myself as apposed to a man.. (that's my voice with a cold ;).

My last two weeks were absolutely wonderful in Khao Lak and on the island.

The weather took a turn and it was almost like November again. Everyday it would rain, and some days it would be torrential for hours. That was at the time of the landslide in the Philippines, but we were still able to get a lot done considering the conditions.

I began hitching to work every day and for every day there is another story.. hahaha

The houses we built.. I stayed in the middle one.. along with 7 other peopleI started working a lot of extra hours where I found time and felt like I was giving about all I could. For the last week I was there the Thai's decided to move to the island. The reasoning behind the move, was so they could work into the night and not have to worry about getting stranded (ferry to the main land closed at 6pm every night).

Well, I jumped on board and moved to the island the same day. This was my opportunity to see what it would be like to live in a house that I helped construct. I must say other than the cold bucket showers, it was quite comfortable.

One of the home owners doodled on the back of a ceiling tile over the weekend... my name is one there (even though spelt wrong.. it's cute) and so I made it part of the house ;) I was up with that water taxi's every morning (which is earlier than the average rooster) and worked until 10pm every evening. The sun raises were beautiful standing at the pier, the sun sets were rowdy on the work site and I enjoyed every second of it all.

Dinners consisted of wonderful homemade dishes with sticky rice and were shared with my favorite Thai families. Breakfasts were very much the same.. left overs and maybe some battered cauliflower. The seven of us just sat around, said very little but enjoyed each others company.

My last day on the island was one of my hardest days spent in a long time. The ferry waited for me while I said goodbye.

One of my best mates Dave wrestled my pack out from under the mosquito net and watched me break down trying to explain in broken words how much each one of my friends meant to me. This was so difficult... it's not as easy as giving them a hug because that is not appropriate or acceptable in Thai culture (very few make an acception, and even then it is very awkward). To make a long story short, it was like a movie ending where I promise to see them again.

There is a 20 house build going on in the Northern end of Thailand later in the year and I am planning on being a huge part in this project... If you are interested in knowing more .. just ask...


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