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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pit Stop

Hey All,
just a fast one.. my plane was late landing, so I am in Bangkok for the night. I will be catching a train (hopefully in the right direction) tomorrow morning towards Khao Lak. I'm downtown in a lovely little cockroach motel.. hahaha nah it's not as bad as i make it sound (as I look on the floor next to me and find a 3 inch long dead cockroach.. lol )At least I have found the people to be absolutely wonderful here and I have been treated very well, even though I am a young woman travelling alone.
I'm thinking about grabbing a shower and may attempt to brush the layer of fuzz off my teeth before I have to catch the train in 4 hours. It's 2am here now and I'm wide awake.. I was able to catch up on a years worth of sleep on the flights!
I will write a big email as soon as I get settled so that you all know I am finally there and can all rest assure.
I love you all.. Tamz


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